Hello Friday! And all of you lovely people! 

Today, I am sharing the work of two photographers I love working with as part of Jana Bek's #CameraReadyInteriors series. Check out the hashtag on social media and links below to all other designers participating!

Now, onto the goods. I went to college with Anna Routh Barzin and was so thrilled when she took her massive talent pro and came to DC to shoot some projects! She is so amazing to work with and I cannot recommend her enough. Check out her site - her wedding features are just gorgeous. Our first collaboration was years ago at our house on the hill - we had to use some creative camera angles to hide the real life aspect of living with a wonderful man who loves to live with hockey paraphernalia but so is life when werkin' it. She was flexible and we pulled it off. As my career evolved we got to shoot some really beautiful spaces for some really great clients. Let's walk down memory lane...

Another photographer with some serious talent is Laura Metzler, and she's local! I came across Laura's work on instagram last year and she has such a great feed. Follow if you don't already! She made the trip out to the Maryland shore to shoot with me right after a non-stop install and was so great to work with. She has a great eye for light - she got what I was looking for before I even had to say it. Recently, she shot a project of mine in Bethesda and again, got it. Take a glimpse into both shoots below!


Y'ALL. We had a baby! We have a baby! His name is Tucker Manning Matthews and he is the most precious chunk of rolls and love. We cannot get enough. Everything everyone says about parenthood is true. It's exhausting, there will be tears (for days) and it is the biggest heart bursting love you cannot even imagine. 

Blog posts over here will remain all about everything decorating, that's what you came for after all,  but I dried my hair and put on makeup and EARRINGS for one of the first times in weeks so it deserves to be documented. And the kiddo deserves to be debuted because I'm biased and he's the cutest kid in the world and I married the greatest guy in the world. I mean, emotions, people, emotions. Pouring out all the time. 

We kind of don't look tired...kind of??

We kind of don't look tired...kind of??

And since we put the baby in a bucket for a bath, I had to share. He was optimistically cautious about the whole experience. 

Okay one more, and then a nursery tour from the iPhone.

We moved into Casa Rodman, as I lovingly refer to our abode, in late June while construction was still happening. Finishing touches and installations continued all the way up to the day before Tucker was born and there are still many holes to fill in (rugs/art to be hung/decorating in general since I am my own worst client and have commitment issues when it comes to our home) but I was sure to finish the nursery before anything else. And it evolved into the cutest little jungle space. 

Above is obviously a glimpse through the iPhone - I need the professional touch of Anna or Laura to really show it off one day. And speaking of those two ladies, tomorrow I'll be featuring my favorite shots that they've captured over my years of working with them as part of Jana Bek's #CameraReadyInteriors series. Along with 24 other designers and bloggers, I'll share the gorgeous shots they get time and time again. Check back mañana for more! 

Final Reveal for Project Gray All the Way

One more for you! This time, it's the ground level playroom of the my client's townhouse. As you have probably surmised from all reveals thus far from Project Gray all the Way, our priorities were: gray, child friendly, not obviously child dominated. The goal was to create a sophisticated, fun home that leaned toward modern and allowed for a  few kids to run around freely - all while not looking like a house dominated by kids. So we used durable fabrics and creative toy storage throughout so that when the little one was away in his beautiful nursery, the parents and their friends could play! Without stepping over leggos. 

all photos by anna routh barzin


The further we made our way through "Project Gray all the Way" the less gray things got. I love when a client's taste evolves and they become more comfortable with taking a few more risks. Of course, we kept gray in the mix in this sophisticated nursery and brought in navy for some depth. All of the patterns selected kept the space playful enough for one cute toddler. Talk about a bed fit for a little prince!



Project Gray all the Way was dubbed such because these fabulous clients of mine were comfortable with modern elements of gray and gray and...gray. It was my job to introduce new elements and take this homeowner on a design adventure filled with education and even a few color risks. The result? My sweet client saying, "Okay, I'm going to let go, and let Anna" (hilarious - I loved that) and a house based on warm grays and livened up with lavender, green, blue and as a surprise, even some HOT pink ikat pillows. I know, we got real wild.  Let's start with the kitchen and main living area...

This kitchen required a whole lotta paint and some new finishes. New countertops, appliances, furniture, an island and a custom roman shade freshened this space right up. For dramatic effect, let's look at the before:

I know, AHHH! And after...

So. Much. Better. 

The living and dining area, right off of the kitchen, had the same sad yellow vibe as the kitchen. Yellow walls actually make spaces more drab than happy, so out came more paint and lots of layering. Here's the before as seen through the ole iPhone. 

Annnnnd after! Carpeting, curtains, a big velvet sectional, all with a hint of mid century modern and inspired by the gorgeous colors in the Gray Malin photo hanging in the dining area. 

One of my favorite parts of the space was this gorgeous coffee table covered in grasscloth that we designed to fit the space perfectly. It has just the right amount of texture and interest. 

One of my favorite parts of the space was this gorgeous coffee table covered in grasscloth that we designed to fit the space perfectly. It has just the right amount of texture and interest. 

And talk about the cutest toy storage! Loved finding a great hiding place for everyday toys. 

And talk about the cutest toy storage! Loved finding a great hiding place for everyday toys. 

This home really was such a pleasure to work on. We took our time in decisions and getting things just right until we hit go and dove in to create a space that felt complete and cohesive! More to come!