Fashion Friday and, well, zombies?

Do you think this outfit would be cute for chasing Zombies?

This week turned out to be amazingly (and not overwhelmingly, for a change) productive. I love that feeling where things are rolling and I am keeping up with everything - nothing like a  to do list every morning. Why is crossing items off so damn satisfying?! 

I am going to try to keep the productivity going this weekend but in a festive way - we are going to a PUMPKIN CARVING FIESTA after all. If that doesn't scream festive I don't know what does. 

Oh wait - I do. To really go on a tangent, I met a man and his dog Hobbs at the dog park tonight when I was taking Cody out for his evening dog wrestle mania. We were casually chatting, as dog owners do when watching their pups slobber and roll all over each other, and he said, again casually, "I'm glad there are so many dogs out here early tonight. We usually don't come here this early but we've got to go be zombies tonight". "Yeah totally", I said before processing and then saying, "Wait, WHAT?!" Turns out he's a zombie actor for something called DC DEAD. I mean, I can't even. Apparently customers are given nerf guns and run around a haunted house trying to shoot zombies and "stay alive". I'm terrified thinking about it but kind of definitely want to go. So DC homies, let me know if you want in. It could be really festive. And really scary. 


Okay onto the outfit - completely zombie appropriate? Right? No? Well I want it anyway. If you do too just help yourself to the links below my friends, and have a  great weekend!

Rebecca Minkoff Sweater (Santa, can you hear me??), J.Crew Boyfriend Jeans, Gap Ballet Flats, Valentino Rockstud Sunglasses, Madewell Ring, Chloe Emma Drawstring Bag, Theodora & Callum Scarf