OTB Fine Art

If you love art and want to be part of an interactive, ever evolving art community while growing your own collection, then OTB Fine Art was made for you. I met Mary Hull Palmer, one of the co-founders of OTB at the Southern Coterie Summit last April. She is the sister of a good friend from college and a fabulous person to know - full of enthusiasm for the art world and the easiest person to talk to. She told me about the company that she and Molly McDonnell had started and it sounded like an amazing thing to be part of. Up close access to artists and events, quarterly selections of art from featured artists and curated collections that are unique. 

Right now one of their featured artists is Mike Williams. His pieces are so gorgeous and almost moody - take a look and see for yourself. A few weeks ago I was chatting with Lauren, from the OTB team, and got all kinds of inspired by her stories of their member trips and conversations with artists that I decided I wanted in. I wanted a Williams piece, I wanted to join OTB and I wanted to design the coziest lady lair around Williams' gorgeous work. So until I can actually pull the trigger on doing exactly that, here's what is floating around in my head...

To learn more about OTB and how become a member and get a front row seat to all the action, visit OTB Fine Art's website!