Boom. The Master Revamp.

And we have a scheme, ladies and gentlemen!

After dragging my heels for months (okay maybe years?!) I am giving our master some attention after falling into the "no one even sees our bedroom" rut.

We see it. And it ain't looking very nice as of late. 

I am still continuing on the "masculine chic" thought of my last post and using Brunschwig's Les Touches on our headboard with my favorite JAB fabric as throw pillows. Light blue curtains with tan trim keeps the space fresh while grounded. And, it's time to get rid of the Ikea dresser. Yep, we have one and it's perfectly functional but it's a big black piece of ugly on one side of our room and I say let's pretend we're adults here and upgrade. So upgrade we will...

I've put some pressure on myself to make this happen by December. So I'll be sharing the final product with you then!