Do the Dhurrie

Welcome back to reality everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had a great time in South Carolina running after the cutest little people in the world, roaming around the low country and of course, eating too much. Now its back to the desk, a green smoothie and you lovely people. Let's jump right in...

I don't know about you but I always want to spruce up the abode before the holidays. Usually because I am planning get togethers and feel a bit of pressure as a designer to have a showroom-house, but mostly because I can't help reinventing our space every few months. And to me, layering a dhurrie rug is about the easiest way to bring in new pattern and color. I chose a few options that are up on the Washington Post today! Head on over to shop your way to a freshened up abode.

And for some dhurrie inspiration, let's look to Mark D. Sikes. Love. His. Work.

See how you can work a dhurrie into any space? Always fresh, never too formal.