I'm Blushing

In designing homes for all of my clients, my mind is constantly turning and collecting ideas from everything I see. And right now, all I can see is blush. For some reason, it's everywhere to me. And I think it is actually a brilliant neutral. Gorgeous with olive green. Sexy with chocolate brown. And the perfect off beat backdrop for strong art. And so, blush is my current new office inspiration. Along with mid century everything and a bit of neon. Sound crazy? Here's a little glimpse into what is happening in my head and in a  few months we will see it all come together! Hallelujah. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 11.41.11 AM.png

Any of this making sense? All of it? Okay great. These images really do sum up my fall design inspiration, at least for my domain. From the pink velvet in London's Sketch to Jenny Walton's effortless style and brilliant collaboration with J.Crew. Even her artwork looks flawlessly natural. And then, those soft pink walls behind a huge Robert Donaldson piece instagrammed by Robert Lelux. The Domino editor knows what's up and following his days on social media is always inspirational. And the most concrete of what is floating in my mind is the mix that McGrath II pulls out. Layers people! Trust your designer to layer in ways you hadn't thought of and always see the project through to styling. That is what takes a space to the next level. 

Can't wait to reveal what all of this inspiration leads to...