Artist Crushing from Cassie of Fooding and Friending

Hey y’all! Anna’s off on a fabulous adventure, so she asked if I’d pop over and do a guest post for your
reading pleasure, and of course I couldn’t turn thatoffer down! Anna’s recent post, Blow it up baby, made me giggle (and get serial about taking some pics, dang girl!) because I can relate so well. My boyfriend does not like abstract art, he’s convinced he could do the same thing himself (love you, but no), so like Anna and her hubs we’re stuck in a bit of a conundrum ourselves because there are only so many still-life and landscapes I can handle. I mean, a girl’s gotta have some color! Am I right? Luckily (or not) we don’t live together, so I can decorate my walls however I’d like foreverandeveramen – or at least until he puts a ring on it, and I figure I’ve got awhile on that front – and I have been seriously crushing on some artists lately. I’m not sure if it’s my not-by-choice beige (wallpapered arrgh)
walls or perhaps the gradual acknowledgement that 2/ 3 of my salary should no longer be spent on a “going out” wardrobe, but either way I have been in serious art lust mode of late. Trying to incorporate as much unique artwork in to my living space as possible is, well, trying. It takes time and dollas, but I won’t get discouraged! There is no rush to fill up every inch of wall space, and I want to love looking at pieces for many years to come. There are a few things I’ve learned along the way, and
I’m sure many more will come, BUT here goes…

Buy what YOU like, not what you think other people will like, because you’re the one who has to look at it every day. Explore new and up and coming artists, you can usually get a great deal. If you haven’t already take a good look at Etsy, Stampa, even Pinterest – there are so many sites that feature unique artists. Don’t be afraid to look in to prints – a great looking piece with an equally great price tag. And last (and maybe most importantly) take advantage of your talented friends! My friend Harrison does amazing work, I have two of her paintings hanging in my apartment, and if you hit that little Shop tab over there on your right you’ll see Anna herself is quite a talented gal – a piece might be making its way down to Texas sooner rather than later. I wanted to share a few pieces I am lovin’ on right now
– I hope you enjoy! And thanks Anna for letting me play on Adger!

Kate Long Stevenson

Michelle Armas

Erin Ashley Art on Etsy

Jennifer Moreman