the final touch

One of my favorite aspects of putting together a home is arranging the final touches. The little, beautiful pieces of art, sculpture and books that personalize a room and warm up any surface. There is definitely a fine line between styling to perfection and over doing it. No need to cover an entire table with a single collection - doing so makes every piece look the same. If you spread your favorite pieces from room to room, there is space to appreciate each one. It's all in the editing. While some people have an eye for it, there are a few tips that can be helpful...

Keep in mind that styling is all about layering. You want to build little mountains of interest.  Mix heights and textures. Here are a few simple examples:
  • Stack a  few beautiful books under a favorite framed photo and a small piece of art. 
  • Place a tray holding a bowl of jewelry and a candle next a vintage box (a great place to store random pieces of every day life) on your bedside table. 
  • Place a big vase of flowers next to a guest book and bright bowl to catch keys on an entry table. 
  • Lean a small painting against a mirror mounted on a wall above a buffet in the dining room.
  • Get inspired by the following images! What makes things unique can be a lack of symmetry or simple piece that clashes slightly with the space. A mirrored box on a rustic wood table, a small painting leaning against a large modern photograph, a hat displayed as art below...

Need a little help styling your space? Click here!