the lazy girl's DIY: ottoman style

I love the satisfaction of giving a quick makeover to just about anything- quick being the operative word. Any DIY makeover that takes longer than an episode of Bravo reality loses my attention and sits in the corner for weeks until I finish it or give up all together.  So here is another insanely easy segment of the lazy girl's DIY that produced this pop of orange in our abode!
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This little beauty of an ottoman is what I started with. A fabulous free find from the madre's garage. The bones are perfect- the stained, boring linen...not so much. So I had to show this ottoman who's boss with some color.

What I used:

  • a tack puller
  • upholstery tacks
  • a hammer
  • scissors 
  • less than a yard of fabric 
What I did....
1. Turned on those trashy housewives- it's inevitable that I watch every episode so  I thought I might as well be productive while doing so.
2. Used the tack puller to pull out every little upholstery tack. Pretty easy - and I was able to reuse most at the end.

 Next I used the tack puller to pop out every staple holding down the fabric. A little less easy and a little more annoying.

Et Voila! The bare bones (pretty much) of this piece. It's gotta get ugly before it gets pretty.

Now to get the perfect piece of fabric- this is a great lazy girl trick. I just laid the original ottoman fabric onto the yardage and cut around it.I mean who really needs to measure?
Next I staple gunned that sucker like there was no tomorrow. All the way around the ottoman, folding the corners like a present.

And the final touch. I cut a piece of fabric long enough to wrap around the entire ottoman making sure it was about an inch thick. I  folded the sides of the fabric in so that the raw edges weren't visible as I worked it around the ottoman, nailing an upholstery tack in every inch or so.
BAM! Lazy girl's DIY COMPLETE. It ain't perfect but it was a lot cheaper and faster than hauling it to the upholsterer. (Apologies for the poor night time lighting and random foot)

ooooo aaaaahhh color