ahhh it's friday!

This week has flown by and I apologize for slacking on the posting! Things have been shifting a bit and I am officially doing Adger Interiors full time! Exciting, nerve-wracking, busy....all good things. And I am determined to wrap this house up. I know, broken record. But it is time. And the foyer is the next step. Here is what it looks like now- unstyled, unfiltered, gettin' real with you people iphone picture...

The chalkboard paint has been so fun- notes and messages written from friends passing through during cocktail hour, parties, bbqs, weekend "jailbreaks"....but I think it's time to make this our patriotic corner. I'm not one for themes but with this art....
....we gotta go for it. 

So here's the wallpaper inspiration:

via Veranda

There is some serious potential for my wimping out here. I just haven't found the perfect paper yet. But I will! Oh I will....updates to come.