eggs and a headboard....or 4

Good RAINY morning! We are all feeling it in DC- it's Friday, it's pooring, and it would be perfect if we could just crawl into a big bed and order room service. But most of us don't have that option...enter my Friday morning daydream:
Click here and scroll down for the recipe to deliciousness

Doesn't that make your mouth water? I have just started dating Arugula and thinks are going well so far. I avoided it like the plague for years - no idea why. I did the same with cheese when I was little. Again, NO idea why.

Moving on, while I would love to stay home and make the above, it's out in the rain and off to work with a great client who is up for just about anything. So I'm goin' all custom headboard on her house. Shape Decisions....
Above by former boss man Philip Gorrivan


Four totally different shapes and feels. I am pulling for a large round headboard with some silk suzani action for the guest room....progress to come. And don't think I've forgotten about this project - waiting on the perfect samples in the mail!