Packing for a little trip out west! I cannot believe we haven't been to Jackson since our wedding A YEAR AGO. I remember when I could sneak out there 4 times a year...ahhh college, those were the days.

Thankfully anything goes in Wyoming and the more casual the better. But as I laid out outfits I was trying to figure out what to do with all of the big in your face costume jewelry that I love so much. Can I get away with these beauties when everyone is in t-shirts and jeans? The answer: Haell yes people.

 I remember a few years ago my sister was getting ready to go out to dinner in Jackson and I snarked, "Wait why are you wearing kitten heels? We're in Jackson and no one wears those." Her reply: "Because I don't care what other people think of my outfit and I can wear whatever I want." Oh, brilliant. Freedom. That notion of dressing for yourself and not others has really stuck with me and while it has lead to a few mistakes (I almost can't admit it....but....gauchos. I was 20! Is that a sound defense??) but mostly really fun ways of expressing myself. So keep on doin what you do ladies and have FUN while you're at it! Dress yourself and your home in what makes you happy.