le catch might as well be my homepage

Hey it's two post Tuesday! And all before 9 o'clock! I realized I needed to share a site with you after I jumped on my computer to check the weather/my email and ended up at Le Catch before anything else.  If you haven't read Le Catch yet, you're welcome. And if you have, aren't you obsessed?!

Lucky Mag's west coast editor, Marlien Rentmeester, started the blog after friends kept asking her how she consistently combines hi and lo to create the perfect outfit. Philip Lim mistaking Rentmeester's Forever 21 necklace for vintage Dries Van Noten is a perfect example of her expert eye. Literally every look she puts together on Le Catch is fabulous. Accessible, practical and fun while steering clear of too much trendiness.

And of course, her Pacific Palisades home is gorgeous mix....here's the latest look via Glitter Guide...