gettin' all preachy on you

"Go for whatever is life enhancing."
-Bernard Berenson to Lee Radziwill

Last night I finally got around to reading the NY Times Style Magazine from February 17. And now it's March. But as I was reading about Lee Radziwill and her incredible life filled with art, travel, love affairs and adventures, one quote caught my eye. "Go for whatever is life enhancing." Advice given to Radziwill by her mentor of sorts, Bernard Berenson. 
I might just take that advice and frame it. 
No one writes interesting articles about lives spent on facebook, texting, doing the same thing and thinking one way forever. That shit is boring! We should all take advantage of exploring as much as we can and learning as much as we can. Making an effort to create an interesting and fulfilling life in which we are open and having fun. I have been in dire need of some culture so to keep my goal accountable, I'll keep you all posted on my belated 2013 resolution: more adventures!
What is something new that you have been meaning to try? This weekend might be the perfect opportunity...