a little sunday style

I just got back from a BEAUTIFUL wedding in North Carolina and came home to find a warmer and more spring like DC. Halleluja. Trees have finally bloomed, the puffer coat has been stored, people are in the park lounging, and the Cherry Blossom tourists are officially here and permanently confused as to how to get around this city- as expected. In addition to appreciating the real blossoms taking over the city, I am reaaaally digging the ones on the rack. Florals are all over pants, skirts, jackets - looks like this pattern might be my new spring (and summer and fall...) staple! Here's how...

funky floral sources here
casual floral sources here

ladylike sources here

These florals ain't your grandma's chintz! I am treating this pattern like another neutral - much like I do with stripes (clearly!). Mix and match to keep things young and not so serious. Here's to a little spring fever ladies...time to bring it into the wardrobe!