a touch of gold

When I was little I thought gold was for grandmas. I couldn't understand why my mother didn't wear more silver. 
And I told her so almost every day (along with my not understanding why she didn't wear sunflower print dresses - it was the 90's, Limited Too was major, don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about!). Now, I get it. 
And I love little touches of gold just about anywhere. Whether it's a little sachet in the closet or a chic shell on the shelf, the house can always use a hint. But if you're on the move and feel like seriously splurging, put some Valentino on your feet and some Jimmy Choo around your coffee cup. Yes, Jimmy Choo actually made a gold sleeve for your Starbucks cup. Which seems to defeat the purpose of the coffee cup sleeve. Wouldn't that just get hot?? At least you'll look (kind of?) chic while your hand is burning. Of all these beautiful products my favorite is Lulu Frost's take on horn earrings. I am having a major horn moment and appreciate her glamming up an every day accessory.