gettin' honest about being eco chic

Happy Earth Day!
When I sat down to write this post (I know it's been a few days- sorry!) I was thinking that I don't really do that much to make our lives eco friendly. What? I'm being honest with you people. 
Case in point: I went to Carmax a few years ago with the intention of buying a Prius and drove out with a (cheaper) BMW. What can I say, vanity and price won. 

But then I thought a little more about it and realized that while my car choice was rather selfish, we actually have a lot of small things that happen in our house that are kind gestures toward our planet.
  We recycle, use a glass water bottles in lieu of plastic, buy mostly local and organic foods, use recycled paper towels, LED light bulbs and Meyers soaps,  and try to remember to take reusable bags to the grocery store or farmers market when we go. That ain't bad! Right? Eh?

Yeah, we could compost. Yes I could trade my car in for a Prius. Yes, we could lower our carbon footprint by cutting back on Amazon Prime orders but at least we're ordering eco friendly products?!
My point is- there is always more to do, but if we all make the conscious decision to go green when the opportunity presents itself, then we can collectively make a big difference!

That said, if something is ugly, you're probably not going to buy it. So take a peek at a few adorable eco chic products below- and keep your eyes peeled for eco friendly products in your life!

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