monday office inspiration

And the floral theme continues with some chinoiserie and a peek into Aerin Lauder's New York dressing room. 
While this isn't a formal office, it is fabulous inspiration for one! 
This space actually reminded me of Estee Lauder's office but I couldn't find a great picture of it. I had the exciting and accidental opportunity to see Estee Lauder's office back in the day when I was interning at Harper's Bazaar. During one of my thousands of frantic HB errands around the city I was sent to deliver something to the Lauder offices. I ended up on the right floor and down the wrong hall when I found myself standing in front of Estee's office eyeing her blue chinoiserie walls before someone asked me what exactly I thought I was doing. It was one of my better mistakes in life. 
Ah memories...Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!