a peek at the weekend

We spent the weekend in Martha's Vineyard with some dear amigos and hallelujah, I remembered to snap some photos. It was slightly freezing at first but that just gave us an excuse to explore the cute streets of the island and make vino lunch last longer...

While roaming around we met this adorable PINK pup named Fitz. The color is a product of a prank played on Fitz's owner by her 70 year old brothers! Glad to see pranks continue on forever. But if you're feeling inspired just don't use food coloring...it does not come out. This pup has been shaved and the color still remains! 

 We got pretty excited when the sun finally came out...

 ...and learned that climbing bulldozers one handed is not a good idea.

 Cute spots around Edgartown

and some lazy girl DIY inspiration!

Hope you people had a great holiday weekend!