cool girls

You know how you get catalogues that you didn't ask for every. single. day.  No matter how many times you take your address off the list? Well, the Roxy catalogue is one that I welcome. It all roots back to my secret obsession with surfer girls when I was little. While I never thought I could  pull off the surfer look that I coveted (but was happy to parade around in platform sneakers at age 11? WHY!) I always loved how carefree and badass the Roxy girls looked. And going to Costa Rica in March only heightened my now not so secret obsession. The lifestyle was easy, the surfers were awe inspiring, and the island style was effortlessly cool. So I was pleased to find some wearable pieces that just about anyone could pull off...even if you're no where near the ocean.So go on, treat yoself...

images via Roxy

shorts, watch, dress, shades, sandals, sweater