treat yoself to some yarbie and a ramble

Hello people! Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. Last night while watching Kansas prairie chickens mate on North America I was somehow reminded of a great jewelry brand, Yarborough. Really. It just happened and is a great example of how my brain works. Give me something logical and I'll find an accessory to go along with it.  Once you take a look Yarborough's amazing bird inspired campaign for their first collection, you will understand how easily the connection was made...

From chicken to alpaca bangle Yarborough created an entire line of bird inspired bracelets in their Yarbie boutique. Endless colors, sizes and prices for all your bangle desires - a stack of these goes a little less Coachella and a little more cocktail than the original arm party and I think I'm about ready for that in my case you were wondering.

In other non-aesthetic related news, I hope you all took some time yesterday to remember those all those who have served our country. There was a touching article on the cover of the  New York times yesterday that you can catch here if you missed it. Hasta manana amores.