dc do: the zoo...and other touristy attractions

Last Saturday one of my best friends from college and I decided to take DC by storm. Instead of fighting the endless buses of tourists surrounding our city, we joined them. And by joined them, I mean we braved them. The day started at the Zoo, led to a street side mechanical bull (I'll spare you those flattering photos), pedal boats (we thought they were called paddle boats, too) and ended with a carousel ride on the National Mall before some Mexican grub on H Street AND a slice of Dangerously Delicious pie. It was quite the day. The best part was there was no real plan and we were open to whatever idea came next- it's been ages since I had a day like that and I highly recommend it! I had been ignoring all of the really fun/cheesy things DC has to offer. So get out there and be a tourist in your own city- I promise it will make you even more excited about your surroundings! See how excited we are? Killin' it.

You know who else is killin' it? My padre and step madre- they are road tripping on the west coast with two dear friends and have a cute little blog that you can following along with here