round the hood

I really love living on Capitol Hill in DC. It is a little gem just out of the way enough for tourists to miss. Which means no traffic and a great sense of community. Not to mention new restaurants popping up left and right and plenty of opportunities to chase men down alleys. 

Above and below is Nooshi, a new sushi place on the Hill that we checked out last week...

...before deciding that we were in the mood for Mexican.

I tried to get a few shots of the amazing rooftop of Pacifico but people kept getting creeped out thinking I was taking pictures of them. So I give you my mojito, my bag and the center fountain that you can sit around. 

There have been a lot of post work/ post dinner walks lately. The Hill is so charming and the humidity is bearable when the sun is setting. 

And you know, peonies are hilarious. 

Happy Hump Day Lovers.

p.s. Last week our neighborhood hardware store, Frager's had a major fire. It was such a blow to everyone in the hood as everyone has something in their house from Frager's and so appreciates the friendly, knowledgable staff that was always happy to greet Frager's customers. Help rebuild Frager's HERE!