back with a new look

Annnnnnd I'm back! Well at least back to the grind working on some great new projects for Adger Interiors as well as a few with this talented lady. I have to say it is the perfect balance working for myself and getting to collaborate with another designer a few days a week. Keeps things fresh across the board!

And speaking of keeping things fresh, what do you think of the new look? I was ready for it and hope you all like it! Kelly from Fabulous K created the look and was seamless to work with. I highly recommend if you're looking for a little blog design in your life.

As for the radio silence over the past week- I missed you all but was happy to enjoy some Q.T. with the fam. We took a serious walk down memory lane in Michigan and South Carolina and it was just fabulous. It's hard to get all four siblings spread across the US in one place and I swear a little magic happens when we finally get together. Photos to come of I'm off to the desk!