Buy this now: Benefit High Beam

If you purchase anything this weekend, let it be Benefit's High Beam. This is my now not so secret summer obsession. The luminescent complexion enhancer, as Sephora refers to it, highlights your face without getting cakey because it comes in a nail polish application. Except you are painting your face and not your nails. It creates a dewey, soft look that is so light it might as well be face lotion. And it holds up beautifully to humidity. Take that DC weather!  
Trust me on this one. Apply a swipe to your cheek bones, forehead (yes) and a tiny bit in the corner of your eyes and then rub/dab into place. You get an insta glow that picks up light beautifully and lasts all day through out whatever the weather throws at you. 

I learned about this amazing product through Claire Ashley's website. I don't remember how I discovered it, but her site is loaded with makeup tips and tricks that this makeup novice will forever grateful for. Now I kind of know what I'm doing. Kind of. 

Now, go buy Benefit High Beam - you can thank me later :)