Fall is almost here and I am getting inspired to layer my house a la Tom Sheerer and refresh the wardrobe with a few cozy luxe staples. And I feel pretty lucky to be so frivolous that I am plotting a few new pieces just because.Yesterday morning there were the cutest groups of kids walking to school on the Hill. New sneakers and binders and a fresh start. In watching those back to school-ers I thought about how proud I felt to be like them and start the year with new kicks and all new supplies - it really made me feel confident and excited. But not every kid has such opportunities. So I am putting my money where my mouth is and instead of impulse purchasing for myself, I am making a donation to The Backpack Project. For $50 you can give a DC kid a backpack full of school supplies and a uniform for their school year. Imagine the difference it makes for a child - walking into class with your very own backpack filled with everything you need - it is such a confidence booster and your donation can make all the difference. So come on your aesthetic enthusiasts! Let's get inspired and give back!