philly through the iphone

A few lady friends and I met up on Saturday to visit our homegirl and see the sights that are Philadelphia. We strolled to see the Barnes Foundation, which as incredible as the collection is - was a tiny bit sad for all of us after seeing The Art of the Steal. A must watch if you are ever planning on seeing the collection- which you absolutely should. It was the largest privately owned art collection to date. We're talking somewhere around over thirty-five billion dollars. As you can imagine, the collection is amazing with some big names and an overwhelming amount of influential works in one place! The gallery itself is modern and beautiful, and the art is arranged the way the original owner placed it in it's original home. 

After our culture fill we strolled the streets of the cutest hood lined with cafes and a beautiful park, naturally eating and drinking our way through each spot. 

We got a real taste of the city.....

And met a white tiger.