when trends go viral...and then some

Yesterday was GORGEOUS outside. No humidity. Cool weather. In DC. In August.

All that fall like weather got me thinking about tailgates and holiday parties and presents and most importantly, wrapping presents. Before I knew it I was ordering up a few roles of wrapping paper from Paper Source and look what I found...a little Scalamandre inspired wrapping paper perfect for those of you pining over the infamous Zebras.


If you don't know the wallpaper I'm referring to then you're either my husband or need a little reminder...

via Trad Home
Jamie Meares
I have a little trouble with this pattern and think that it is purely a designer's dilemma (meaning people not staring at fabric/wallpaper all day would be over it in two seconds). The Zebra paper from Scalamandre is iconic- there is no doubt about that. But once a pattern becomes so iconic and so everywhere, does it loose it's originality and become overexposed? Or should I get over myself and enjoy the thought of putting it in a kids room one day (one day not any time soon family....) because it is just kind of fabulous no matter how many times you see it. I'm going for the latter. Thanks for reading my stream of consciousness. 

It's almost Friday!!