Guest Room Makeover: Phase 1

You could say three's a charm with our tiny little lavender guest room. When we bought our row house the guest room was a scary yellow.  Then I tried to warm things up with a mocca color. Also a fail. 
And now, we have an actual scheme inspired by Clarence House's Jembala. I saw this fabric in the show room and it made me laugh. Every room needs a little humor and there's nothing like an embroidered monkey to lighten the mood. Look at that little monkey down there - he is owning that jungle scene!

So I decided to pull the hints of lavender and navy found in the fabric into play in our little guest room. Walls and windows. And it perked things right up. 
Our guest room doubles as my closet so I wanted the space to have some femininity without going overboard. 
Ignore the fan in the mirror's reflection. I try to daily. 
The modern flourescent art below, by Ed Schlossberg, is a great conversation piece for guests. It lights up to say "withinsight".  So it can be read "with insight" or "within sight". You get it, let's keep movin'....
Go monkey...

And of course, I got some lucite in the room. Lucite + brass hardware = my addiction.

Up next, art! Always the trickiest part in design but much easier when designing my own home. Update to come when I get my act together on that front.