I know above might seem like the cheesiest phrase to ever start a Monday but I'm telling you, it works. 
The husband and I were talking about our weeks to come listing everything 
we had to get done in a somewhat daunting manner a few nights ago. 
And then I told him my rockstar theory. 
I think it all started after watching Beyonce's HBO documentary. I'm serious. Nothin' like a little Bey to inspire you. That woman does it all. And did it all while she was pregnant. Dancing, preforming, managing...no excuses just do it right and do it well- whatever the "it" may be.
So when I need a little Beyonce in my step, before I go to sleep at night I tell myself that tomorrow is going to be  rockstar day. (Stay with me here...) I tell myself that I'm going to get my ass to the gym before work, put my ADD aside while working, pick the best most detailed choices for clients, eat the healthiest I can and skip a cocktail at the end of the day (or not). When I do all of this with my rockstar attitude (BAM! I just killed it with that trim choice and room layout) I feel so much better throughout the day. I push myself a little harder. I smile a little more. And best of all, the day doesn't wipe me out- it gets me excited for more rockstar living. 
I know this post is oozing with cheese - I feel it every time I type the word "rockstar" but it makes a difference in my days and it might do the same for you. Basically, decide how you want to live, work hard to get that life and  make the most of it because we all get back what we put out there. 
Now go on girl!