lazy girl diy: flores

I love me some fresh flowers. They make any space feel a little more special and alive (even though they are just dying...but you know, I kill plants so this is the next best thing). Lots of people have told me they don't know how to "do" flowers so they just plop them in a vase without trimming or anything. WHAAAA? It ain't that hard people.

My job in high school was working for the cutest flower shop in our hood, Charlotte's Garden. The owners were hilarious and taught me the ropes. Turns out creating gorgeous arrangements doesn't take much - in fact, less is more. Oh and always work in odd numbers....

For whatever reason having an odd number of flowers in your arrangement somehow always makes it look better. No matter how many times I try to break that rule for the hell of it, I always end up throwing one more bud in there and boom- perfect with an odd number.

I know you are DIEING to learn more so click that cute little "read more" link below for step by step directions to perfection...

First, you need your buds...

Next you need your vase. And water obviously. Add your larges flower- in this case the hydrangeas. 
Make sure that the stems are trimmed enough to they flowers sit just above the rim. 
I always leave them longer and then trim little by little until their just right. 

Now, it's time to fill in the holes. 
Take your next biggest flower (roses) and stick them in the holes around the hydrangeas. 

Next? You guessed it. Fill in with your smallest flower. I used snap dragons.

And BAM! You are a flower arranging machine! 

Now go work those skills like it's nobody's business.