solid, simple and sexy

Amidst all of the pattern play and neon that has been ruling the fashion scene (and my closet) over the past year it's kind of refreshing to go solid and simple. And it makes getting dressed in the morning much more efficient. 
I was yapping at the husband (per usual) about my love of fall and sweaters and layering...everyone looks their best in fall. In the middle of my talking about scarves and jackets - and yes I really find those things exciting to talk about while walking to dinner - he said "You know there is something so sexy about simplicity." Oh. Wait. You mean you don't like my striped shirt with my patterned pants and neon sandals- all together? No he doesn't...
So I took to Pinterest to see what I had mindlessly pinned to my Style board and to my surprise - it was basically all solids. Subconsciously I thought simple was sexy as well...I was just too busy shoving colors and patterns all over my body to notice. 
Riveting, I know. 
So I put together a little dream list of simple fall finds that can be mixed and matched with just about any wardrobe. I've got my eye on you you army green parka...

Get all the details on the duds above here