confetti system love

Just, you know, yes to everything below. 

I came across Confetti System this week and just thought "ohhh helll yesss".
I love planning parties and dreaming up ridiculous touches to add humor to occasions.  We had waiters wearing deer costumes greet guests at our wedding. Everything else was civilized but that one touch was weird and hilarious and I loved it. It got people to laugh and relax right off the bat. The next party in my future that I can really go crazy with would be the big 3-0 in a few years. And yes I'm already thinking about it- what else can I daydream about infinitely? I have no idea what it will actually entail but at the moment, Confetti System is offering some major inspiration. Imagine a raw space transformed with their work. It's amazing that such creativity can come from such simple materials! Peruse their site for even more inspiration - you won't be dissapointed!