Eat up: Rose's Luxury

This is definitely a DC do. I did it last night, and I might do it again tonight: Rose's Luxury
A few ladyfriends and I headed to Barracks Row's latest eatery and the buzz was warranted. 
New. Favorite. Restaurant. 

There was honey fried chicken, roasted cauliflower, dark and stormy oysters (that taste like the cocktail...), popcorn soup with lobster and some salad deliciousness. Each bite was perfection and since it was tapas style, I didn't feel like I overindulged. I also didn't leave hungry which can happen after "small plates". 

The atmosphere was warm and casual - like you were in some enclosed backyard party that happened to have beautiful tile floors and amazing specialty cocktails. 

Have I sold you yet? 

My iphone photos of course do it no justice. And there is not a single food picture because we dove right in before the thought to take a photo even crossed my mind. And once it did cross my mind I was too happy eating to pause. So read this article to see a better view of the space and get yourself over to the Hill pronto! (And expect a 30-45 minute wait if you show up at 7 or later- Lola's two doors down is the place to perch while you wait)