le catch & some (faux) fur fun

As much as I love a little retail therapy, I seem to have found myself living in a city that hinders just about any shopping experience. Unless that is, I want to roam around at 10am on a Wednesday. From the (lack of) parking, the (endless) crowds of people in Georgetown and my laziness to deal with both issues, I find great happiness in sitting my ass right down at home and shopping online. Quick and efficient. And to keep up with the trends, I follow Marlien Rentmeester's Le Catch almost daily. I've yapped about the former Lucky editor's brilliant styling eye here before. And I will continue to do so. Rentmeester's sense of style is effortless, cool and always fun. She mixes pattern and color to perfection and presents trends in such an approachable way.

So much so that I am now coveting some colorful faux fur.

 Or as my dear lady friend Lee calls it, Sesame Street fur. And Lee is probably right. 
But I have fallen hook line and sinker.

Why not be a little outrageous and humorous in what you wear on occasion?

Don't ya just want some?
I'm tellin' you. All back everything and some of this or this or this or this
Talk of the damn town.
Have fun ladies!