oh hey winter, let's shop

Not even half way through November and the east coast is getting a big shock of winter! All I can say is if it's going to be freezing tonight, there better be some snowflakes. I am happy to start the holiday season early! And apparently so is Canadian House & Home. I picked up their holiday issue a few weeks ago (why do magazines release issues a month before they should come out?!) and they got me. I fell for their beautiful holiday home spreads and gift guides and found myself looking for the perfect holiday card to send out last night - even though the husband and I haven't managed to get a single decent picture together this year!

Regardless, I am taking this early holiday enthusiasm (excited angst) and putting it to work. I am going to shop early, resist the urge to go overboard, and mail my gifts out to family by December 15. You heard me. I am going to work those shopping/wrapping/boxing skills early this year! And if I don't, you can find me at UPS on December 23. Last year the kind people at our neighborhood UPS said, "Welcome to UPS! Oh man you look tired!" when I busted through their door. Ah holiday hospitality.

Back to Canadian House & Home...I love this magazine and recommend picking it up when you get the chance. Their interiors are bright and relatable and their products are a little bit different - not what you see everywhere else. Below are a few of my favorites from H&H as well as a few Adger picks for all the styles on your gift list...after all, who wants to be revving up for the holidays alone?

Find all the sources to the gifts above right over here!