Anybody out there??

I am back from a blogging hiatus and ready to share inspiration and Adger adventures as I go! These past few months have given me the opportunity to really focus on my business and all the behind the scenes boring details you don't see here but are important to keep this train running. I've also been able to focus on a few new projects and make details and revisions through out that process my main priority. It's amazing how revising and shifting an original scheme seems to always lead to a better end result. I can't wait to share the end results with you!

Also coming are a few changes around here hopefully in early June- freshening up Adger's home in the web world and creating an easier way for you all to read this ole blog. For now, here's a glimpse into life lately - omitting the winter because I'm pretending like it didn't last until April...so basically, here's a glimpse into April around DC and Costa Rica and Key West. We have been lucky enough to have some major beach thaw out time which has led to a new level of enthusiasm around the abode.

Loaded up on general inspiration perfection at John Rosselli.
Always a favorite stop on the hunt. 

Chopped off my hair and am so addicted to the lack of locks that now I want to go a little shorter. 
This has nothing to do with Adger - just thought I'd show my face since it's been months..

 Hit Thread DC at Union Market mainly for Ann Mashburn action above and scored some amazingly 
comfortable and chic espadrilles that I wear everywhere.....even in bed. 

 We soaked up every hot, humid, tiny earthquake, falling off our surfboards on the reg moment in Costa Rica. 
We stayed in a great hotel in the jungle of Playa Guiones and the trip was relaxed perfection. 

 And a surf shop that appreciates wallpaper? We were meant to be. 

I got some quality time with Kimye...I mean, they are a gorgeous couple. 

 My main man and the Costa Rican sunset. Y'all would not believe the pinks that show up for cocktail hour. 
Pictures do it no justice. It's like watching cotton candy take over the sky. 
 And other beach perfection in Key West yesterday. It's amazing how you can be on a boat in the middle of the water one morning and then back to business the next. 
 This is what sand looks like on an island that appears only during low tide. 
 I can't even. The blues were too gorgeous for my iPhone to handle and I had a real moment out there. 
Florida, I love you and I will retire there in full pink velour with a matching golf cart. 
Mark my words. 

Hope you all have had a lovely time these past few months! 

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