I love what Maryanne Moodie is doing. 
So much so that I think her work could become the next huge thing popping up in design. 
We love moroccan wedding blankets, everyone and their mother has a flokati rug, and now Maryanne Moodie's tactile, plush, woven tapestries are a welcome addition for the aesthetically enthused. 

The Brooklyn based artist, formerly of Melbourne (of course! Austrailia is shelling out more design inspiration that I can handle - but that's another post), has been creating these gorgeous pieces since 2010. She also teaches weaving classes for those ambitious enough to give it a try. Her eye for color and juxtaposition of textures is so good that personally I say let the artist do her thing and ill do mine: which is purchasing and not attempting. 

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Aren't they so fun? 
I think a piece by Moodie would be such a great unexpected addition in any space. Yes the obvious choice is a simple, badass home with mid century elements in Austin or Cali but a piece like the ones above could take a traditional space from expected to original in no time. Even in DC. Maybe even in my house. Or my dreams. Or BOTH!

In other thoughts I hope y'all have a great weekend! 

I will be doing nothing but roaming the hill and sitting in our backyard eating seafood that is currently headed our way from Maine. (Love a Gilt deal). The Southern C Summit was awesome - and I will give you all the full update on Monday! Just need to decompress my brain and my belly in the next two days - in addition to providing major inspiration, those Charleston women keep you fed basically on the hour every hour! And with such gorgeous presentation! Okay more Monday...