LOOK UP And check out this apartment

Judging from the 20 million viewers of this video, chances are, you've already seen it. 
And even though I find the Dr.Seuss-ness throughout the video a little distracting, the message is a good one. Think about how much time we, my pinterest addicted self definitely included, spend scrolling, pinning, liking, posting. I wonder how much richer life would be with less texting and more talking. It's something we can and should all work on - especially when we are in each other's company! 

I'll say this and then it's back to fabric - if you're at dinner or lunch with someone, please keep that phone in your bag. There's no need to check Instagram or who might be texting you when you're in good company. You wouldn't pull out a book and start reading it in the middle of a conversation would you? Of course not!

Okay back to what you came here for - inspiration. Check out this great apartment that Steven Gambrel brought to life for Domino back in 2006. 

Here's the before (yiiiikes boring)

And the After
Who knew peach could be so chic?

Here's what took this boring apartment to the next level:

1. The paint! An unexpected, gorgeous color like this can really make a small space special. Painting the trim a darker shade of the wall color lends a really custom look as well. Everyone has white moulding, this is a simple way to make your walls unique. 

2. Window treatments. I love proper window treatments. It is so worth the extra cost to bring in that little bit of luxury!

3. The mirror in the fireplace. Hello brilliant decorator trick! I love that Gambrel inset a mirror in the fireplace and place another one right above it on the mantel. Makes the room feel so much bigger. 

4. Forgoing the usual coffee table. The two ottomans in this space serve the same purpose as a coffee table would but also allow for extra seating and can easily be moved to the side when everyone is ready to play twister. (We need to bring that game back)

5. The mix of fabrics. All relating to each other tonally - this is why you hire a decorator. Seamless, original mixing that you can't find at the big box stores. 

6. The shelves! Did you notice the shelves? Gambrel added grosgrain trim to the boring wood shelves to create a custom look. This is such an easy idea if you are renting or just have plain carpentry in your home that you want to spice up. 

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