The Southern C Summit

Happy Monday Amigos!
But more importantly, Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Ah yes one of my favorite holidays and celebrations of the year. So much so that we started celebrating last night with dinner at Pacifico Cantina, one of our favorites on the hill. One word: flautas. You can thank me later. 

Now, onto the Southern C Summit.
It was such well organized, festive two days of learning. I met up with the ladies of Open Door as well as the talented Harrison Blackford to feast our brains on inspiring and informative lectures covering everything from social media to creating your own space in the world of blogging and design and entrepreneurship.  

There was so much to be taken from the speakers and conversations throughout the summit. I mean the fulfillment of sitting down with women (and a few men) and talking openly about creativity and business and life was beyond - we should all make a point to do it more often!

One thing I heard over and over was: be authentic be authentic be authentic. Don't try to create a business, blog, persona, whatever based on what you think other people will like. Let what you love drive you and that enthusiasm will attract others. Amen.

Promote what you believe in with a hint of delusion. 
That one I loved. The notion that people who push their business to success must have a hint (or more) of delusion to think that their idea is so amazing, innovative, beautiful or just brilliant enough to attract great business and attention. Even when it may not be, the delusion and positive belief can lead to wonderful places. And I can actually relate - I am grateful to have enough delusion to think that what I write and present here will be important enough to attract readers. And lucky me, you are proving that right by being here! 

And I will admit, there are plenty of other delusions, or let's call them aspirations, rolling around in my head. Creating spaces that I think clients will love to live in is an aspiration that I work to prove over and over. Getting my work published is a lovely, constant delusion that I strive towards. Creating a chic book about entertaining and interiors is also a delusion of mine that I hope to fulfill someday way down the road. And last but certainly not least, I'd like to write a book on tacos. 

Bet ya didn't expect that last one. 

But it's true. I love tacos. I love them. I love all kinds at any time of day. And I can make really beautiful tacos. When I saw the Taco Bell waffle taco I freaked out that I hadn't come up with that simple, genius idea. That's not to say I couldn't create an even better version. (Watch out TB!) And that's not to say that this particular delusion isn't ridiculous but I'm putting my taco delusion out there. Who knows what will come of it besides instagraming my creations. I love it and ain't got no shame in my hopeful taco delusions (I mean aspirations!).

So as you start this week think about your delusions that drive a little passion inside you.

What are your dreams that you think about on your commute, or during a boring meeting, or while daydreaming through a barre class? Share them! Share them here or with your friends or in your journal and give yourself the permission to own them and see where they take you.