This summer we've been lucky enough to spend some time in the boat world and so of course, I've amassed the necessary accessories. I tend to do that with any new hobby I take on. 

Last summer I took my first tennis lesson in about 15 years and showed up to the court in full whites. The pro asked me what part of my game I wanted to work on (assuming I knew what I was doing) and I said "Um, the rules to tennis?" His face was priceless and we spent an hour working on making contact with the ball. Literally.
So it's no surprise that when I learned we would have a boat for the summer, I needed a boat bag, hat and shoes for the ride. And all of that turned out to be necessary - especially the hat. It is hot out there in the water with no trees. Hotter than you would expect. Trust me, I came back a lobster the one time I went out naively with no sun protection. 
And bonus, my boating accessories have become my summer staples. Want to get in on the look? Getcha some here...