It's official. This pup is taking over every social media outlet I have. I can't handle it!
He is the sweetest little guy who loves to snuggle and follow us around the house.
I am obsessed. 

Also on my radar today...

A great show on HBO that has replaced our Sunday Game of Thrones hour. It highlights two issues around the globe per episode and is so interesting. Don't miss it!

Random seeing as I am not a mama but we visited my sister and her family this weekend (already having withdrawals) and I picked up this book from her bookshelf. It is fascinating and admirable how the French put such value on food and the ritual of enjoying each meal - not just eating it. I now of course want to visit a beautiful French village and buy some fresh produce. But since that is not on the summer's agenda I am going to take a cue from the French and create an occasion around each meal (or at least set the table....and eat at the table...) 

I loved seeing one of my favorite restaurants highlighted in the current Domino. 
Spanish tile, white walls, blue and white upholstery. 
Chic. Chic. Chic, y'all.