I have been somewhat delinquent in posting here annnd taking photos of anything on my phone - but above is a tiny glimpse into life lately - lots of outdoor dinner fiestas, a few installations and some salad on a boat - which turned out to be slightly difficult to eat due to a lack of fork. Fascinating right?!

Okay onto more interesting things for your Monday! Here's what's on my radar...

This article in the Atlantic explores what it takes to be a master (and not a disaster) in marriage. Really - they categorized couples as masters or disasters but the lessons and simple habits this article examines are applicable to any relationship in life. 

Holler If Ya Love Tupac because there's a broadway show exploring his music that I am dying to see. Which reminds me, I am overdue for a NYC visit. 

And speaking of New York, a little bite of the big apple is heading to DC with the Angelika Theater popping up at Union Market. The permanent Angelika Theater is set to open in NoMa in 2015

Have y'all been to yards park? It is amazing and Vida Fitness is offering free classes on the boardwalk every week until their yards park location opens in July. I've done the yoga classes and it is so fun - tons of people turn out. Just be sure to bring your own matt. 

And lastly, feeling summer inspired by these California homes. 

Hope this smorgasbord of info gets your week going!