"...when i look at new designs online or in a store, rather than feeling buying envy, I try to learn something from what the interior has done. Rather than seeing something beautiful as a list of things to buy, I see it as a chance to learn..." 

The above quote is from a lovely little article on Design Sponge written by Grace Bonney. She examines mindfulness in the home - being conscious and mindful of what you are bringing into your home. When she moved into a large apartment in Brooklyn, she felt the desire to fill it up which lead to buying and buying in an effort to have her home look like images she had seen. She realized the purchasing was never satisfying and a little stressful. Then she moved into a smaller apartment, and only kept the items that she really loved. And has since made a conscious effort to only buy what she absolutely loves, needs, or sees a purpose or meaning in. 

Honey, I can relate! 
Yes me, a decorator who sells stuff for a living and styles homes to look a certain way for photo shoots.

There are so many images floating around blogs and pinterest, like those beauties above, that I've seen actually stress people out. I've heard "why can't my home just look like that" or "I feel like I need (insert coveting item here) and then my house will look more legit". 

Here are my thoughts about all the inspiration and styling shots out there. 
Yes, sometimes you do need that little push or inspiration to define what you want your home to look like. Sure, maybe that college hand me down is on it's last leg and you actually need a nicer coffee table to create a more luxurious space for yourself. But all of the needs and wants should be to please you, not to please you because then your home will look more like someone else's. 

The whole point of interior design (at least my mission) is to create spaces for clients that enhance their lives. Make their homes more peaceful, more fun, more beautiful so that they can enjoy living there. My goal is never to fill a home with trendy items because they're trendy and other designers are doing it. And yours shouldn't be either!

When we first bought our little Hill row house, I was trying to figure out how to make it perfect quickly. Mistake number one. Then I just bought a bunch of stuff other people seemed to be blogging about. Mistake number two. Turns out I don't like a billion colors and patterns layered on top of each other. It's so fun in images I see but it ain't relaxing to me. I need a flow and function in my house and there are only so many throw pillows my man can handle. (i.e. two per sofa...what?! not 10?!) 

So let's all take a little pressure off and follow Bonney's lead! Looking at magazines and blogs should be a place of excitement and inspiration - not a standard that we feel we need to meet. It is so much more freeing and satisfying to build a home that reflects you and your interests rather than what everyone is instagramming. 
Take it from me and my mistakes and enjoy the inspiration!