On my radar: Bold Walls

A client of mine and I are debating a bright hue to rule her dining room and the inspiration came from Veronica Swanson Beard's bold walls. Her entire home is full of gorgeous, daring moves thanks to designer Thomas Britt. I love how Britt's use of color throughout the entire home creates an atmosphere ready for a party....

Also on my radar this week...

 We've been on the wedding circuit lately which means a bit of travel and lots of opportunities to meet new people. These conversation starters from Harper's Bazaar are something to consider with all the cocktail hours we've found ourselves in. 

Five great bedside table alternatives to the expected from Domaine. 

This paleo "ravioli" recipe found on Pinterest. 

The Angelika pop up theater arrived in DC a few weeks ago and I still haven't made it over...must. do. soon!