ON My Radar: Donald Robertson

I feel really late in the game having just come across Donald Robertson on CBS This Morning only yesterday! How did I miss all of this?!
A founder of MAC Cosmetics and now the head creative director at Bobbi Brown, Robertson (known as @DonaldDrawbertson on instagram) has amassed thousands of followers through social media. He says he's influenced by luxury and suburbia and finds great inspiration in the aisles of grocery stores. CBS touted him as being the next Andy Warhol but Robertson's art seems a little more playful to me. Definitely pop but to me, more fun and humorous than anything. Louis Vuitton ET? Done.

Robertson recently had his first show and is selling some of his art through the Trendabl app. Verrry tempting! Especially the kelly bag toting Kermit that you'll find in available works. Cracks me up.