Hellooooo friends!

Hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July and week after the 4th. We just got back from a glorious time out west and if you haven't made your way to Wyoming I suggest you put it on your list! It is just about the most beautiful place in the country and the people are equally as wonderful. And the rodeo. I've grown up going out west my entire life and somehow have missed out on the rodeo being a permanent part of my life. I know - I don't know how that's possible. 
It all felt very Friday Night Lights. I mean, I'm hooked. 

We really tried to take an electronic break and literally breathe in as much of the fresh Wyoming air and scenery as possible. So apologies for the lack of posts but now you have me all fresh and ready to talk interiors/food/life etc! I'll be back tomorrow to post about a few finds that have caught my eye as well as some peeks into upcoming projects. 

And if you are in DC this Thursday come to Mission in Dupont to toast fabulous Unicef that is expanding it's Next Gen group in the district! I'll be there and would love to see you there!