Ah, the hotel life

Casa Tua - My favorite hotel that I've never stayed in

Some kids dream of Disney Land when they're little, I dreamt of the Plaza Hotel in New York. And all thanks to Eloise, the greatest book ever written. I loved that little girl's sass and ridiculous confidence and my childhood dream literally came true when my mother arranged a girls weekend at the Plaza when I was young enough to think we might actually bump into Eloise. We didn't, of course, bump into the fictional character but I do remember screaming when I came face to face with her portrait. I was in hotel heaven sipping tea (lemonade) and soaking up every detail my 7 year old head could handle. The monogrammed soaps, the doormen, the ROOM SERVICE. I mean, cue the music it was heaven to this North Carolina girl. And so began my love affair with beautiful hotels.

The affair with beautiful hotels, and room service, has continued into my adult life so much so that I have a list of places to visit solely based on the hotel. The Parker in Palm Springs, The Amangiri in Utah, Blackberry Farm in Tennessee, Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin and above, Casa Tua in Miami....and that's just a few on my state side list.

What makes going to a great hotel such a treat are the details. And there is no reason why we can't have those details in our own lives. A candle by the bed, a pretty dish to catch everything, great bedding (and a made bed), fresh flowers (or not if your husband is "allergic" to flowers) and you've got a little bit of luxury to come home to each night. Let's take our homes to the (fabulous, chic, boutique) hotel level. We deserve it after all.