classic with a hint of boho

In my spare time I stalk houses. From a distance, of course - through Zillow mostly. In looking at houses for sale I mentally redesign them to suit what I think would look amazing. Lately in my real estate daydreams (is this getting weird?) I've been envisioning a lot of blue and white but with a boho kick. Festive but comfortable. And this little space inspired it all...

The kicker is that I have no idea who designed this space. I saw it on Pinterest and there are no links to the source! Help a girl out and let me know if you come across the source. 

Want to get the look for yourself? John Robshaw has lots of ready made pillows that can bring a little boho to your abode. A few of my favorites include his Rabari Light Indigo, his Mandu Lapis throw, and the perky Fergana ikat pillow