Dog Lady


Things are getting out of hand. 

I've started taking dog selfies with Cody. Only to send them to the husband and maybe my mother but that's it! Okay maybe I snapchat a few to some friends but that's it. I promise. 

I was never really a pet girl - we had a rude cat who wanted nothing to do with us during my childhood and then my dad and step-madre have the cutest (but not very interested in people) beagles in the world. They'll lounge with you and let you pet them but they're happy to do their own thing. Then the husband and I adopted an eleven year old chow years ago who was the cutest lion of a dog but again, wasn't begging for attention. He was really a cat in a dog's body. 

And then came Cody. (I can't believe I'm actually writing this post by the way..). But the pup is a charmer who is interested in every little thing you're doing and just wants to ram his head into your leg or arm until you pet him. It's the cutest damn thing I swear. So you know, I've gone a little crazy researching the best toys and how to crate train him and the best organic food to feed him and how to train him to ring a bell to go outside (unnecessary but again, cute). Out. of. hand. obsessed. 

But here is what I've learned that I didn't really expect. 

A trainer is a godsend that is necessary for pet and owner to communicate and be happy. We used Shenandoah K-9 Training and Dana McGuire is a training genius. I'd highly recommend him. 

Puppies have to learn how to "cry it out" like babies at night. I didn't really expect this so not much sleep happens in the first month of crate training. At least, not in this house. 

Watkins All Purpose Cleaner works better than any other pet targeted spray for little "surprises" during house breaking. And bonus you can use it for everything else in your house that needs cleaning.

Sisal rugs are fine with pets - at least so far. I've always had clients be wary of having sisal rugs with pets but I gotta say, now from experience and with my Watkins in hand, that there is nothing to worry about. 
However, we have a great Dash & Albert outdoor rug that I thought would be the best option for our new puppy home but I was wrong. Every piece of dirt and dog hair sits right on top. So save those for the actual porch or a non-dog traffic area. 

Still reading this post? Still want to adopt a puppy? Try the Bark Buddy app - it's how we found Cody and it is amazing.